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Rentals Terms and Conditions

Manne-King agrees to rent specific items under the following understandings. Payment of the rental amounts by the customer will be considered approval of these conditions.

Additional terms that may apply are covered at our Policies page.

Daily rental pricing of forms and mannequins can be obtained by calling Manne-King. For standard trade show needs, the rental pricing is a flat rate, stated on the rental sheet provided. Other products may be available upon request and will be priced separately.

Payment of the purchase cost of each item is initially required as a deposit and the difference between the agreed final rental cost and the deposit will be refunded upon return of the merchandise in the same condition as when received. Any damages will be assessed and then the remaining deposit will be returned.

Special pricing, terms and conditions may be negotiated beyond what is stated herein.

If delivery is a condition of rental, pricing will be computed to include delivery and pick up costs to and from the venue dock. Manne-King agrees to be responsible for delivery of rented or purchased mannequins and forms on a timely bases to the trade show dock or receiving station. Product delivery to and from vendor booths will be the responsibility of each vendor.

In the event that any rental merchandise is defective when received, contact Manne-King immediately. Merchandise will either be repaired on site, replaced or removed from the rental invoice. Manne-King will verify any product substitutions before delivery.

Any dispute not covered in these documents will be handled by binding arbitration from a disinterested third party.

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