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Our goal in business has been to provide customer satisfaction throughout the purchase process including product value and of course, great customer service. Today we boast a client list with names from the Fortune 500 as well as our original customers and friends that started with us in 1989!

We don't rest on our accolades however! Times now are even testier than ever before. Our product line has expanded throughout the years, but we continued to source new products as well as engineer changes and improvements in existing ones. In addition, we've added several shipping options that help keep costs low.

We've purchased raw materials in increasingly larger quantities in an attempt to maintain low costs and we will continue to explore all avenues to maintain the high quality that you've come to expect from Manne-King.

Our web site at is an easy way to view all products and even place your order online. Our "Specials" page at is full of discontinued, used and reconditioned mannequins and forms.

It's been a great 27 years and we look forward to working with you in the future. We strive
to offer an efficient experience in store fixture display purchasing. Please contact our friendly customer service staff for assistance with any questions via email at or call toll free 1-800-779-1566.


Bill Davis
Manne-King, Inc.

Mannequins & Displays

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